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Dave's Heifer Dust

Dave's Heifer Dust sold at Cheyenne Crossing

Stop at Cheyenne Crossing to get Dave's Heifer Dust or call (605) 584-3510 and Jackie will ship it to you. Or email Us at

Please leave us your Name and Phone Number so we can get back to you.

The bottles of Dave's Heifer Dust are $8.95 each. Pick-up fee $10.40 for up to 3 bottles.

Large bag are  $23.95 Pick-up fee $10.40 for one bag

Dave's Cook Book is $52 Pick-up fee $12 

The Flat Rate Shipping box is $9.45

You can fit 4 bottles in this box.

Order Now

Heifer Dust is Now available in 4 cup refill bags, $16.95

Flat Rate Shipping Boxes are $9.45, $16.10 and $21.50.